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Room 1954

The room features mostly antique furniture from the period. Inspired by royalty, a harmony of gold, white and concrete silver anchors the hue of the room. An opulent elegance is achieved by using a lot of silks on the pillows, bedcovers and linens done in contemporary style. An antique office table with French colonial legs is a highlight. An outdoor swing in a big terrace with a minimalist-style garden finishes the room. All furniture is made by hand, hand-carved, and made without nails but rather jointed. A room that celebrates the hands of the Khmer artisans!

The Room of the Now

This room features furniture the modern luxury style and artworks. A serene and calming combination of white and grey dominates the color palette. The various photos of old Phnom Penh and artworks in the room anchor the past period. The modern amenities such as 3D TV and home theatre can also release stress from business working day.