Mane La Résidence


Mane La Résidence is a unique contemporary luxury boutique hotel that mix Khmer traditional decor with modern styling sensibilities. There are 7 rooms reflecting 3 styles to choose from inspired by different stylistic periods. Guests can choose according to their mood, preference and personality. Individually styled, each room is decorated with unique hand-crafted furniture and highlighting luxurious Khmer silk. The decorative accessories and furnishings reflect Khmer culture and traditions and are also made from the highest quality materials such as luxury woods, silks, and unique artworks. The bathroom is hand-made of luxurious tiles and designs. All rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities that today’s travelers might require, including our renowned pillow menu. Mane La Résidence aims to highlight the Khmer artisans by featuring objects that are hand-made and is designed to provide a tranquil feeling that harks back to the elegant style of times past and the present times.

Mane La Résidence is a haven for escape, a sanctuary for the soul to rejuvenate, and a designed environment that highlights art, tradition and a place for relaxation. What’s more, the old and modern fashion of luxury cars at the scene will ease our business travellers to fulfil their works in the busy city of Phnom Penh at present. On the other hand, the property’s facilities include a massage, a sitting game area, indoor and outdoor eating area, BBQ facility and a small library, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ambience or sit undisturbed in a quiet space of your choice.

This small luxury hotel is tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood in Phnom Penh but minutes away from the heart of town and it is just 4 km from Phnom Penh International Airport and 4.8 km from the city centre.

Guests can approach the 24-hour front desk for currency exchange, tour arrangements or official working visit with many various hotel cars, ticketing and concierge services. The hotel also offers complimentary meeting area, use of a laptop, iPhone with a local SIM Card, and bicycles.